李乐 | 难忘的交换生生活 My Life as an Exchange Student
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I went to America in August, 2019 to join an Exchange Student Program. This exchange program was held by the Council of American Education Travel. In this Exchange Student Program, I had to go to America and live in a host family for 10 months all by myself. I was pretty nervous when I was on the plane to Meeteetse, Cody, Wyoming, America, because I didn’t know what kind of people I would meet and what situation I would be in.



After a long flightincluding four layovers), I arrived at the Cody airport. Where I have lived is a very small town called Meeteetse with only about 300 people, where you could walk from one side of the town to another side of town within about 20minutes. We had one school--Meeteetse School, which includes kindergarten to 12th grade, but it is much smaller than Nanchang No.2 High School. In this town you could always see animals that you can barely see in cities, like deer and owls. Meeteetse sits on the hillside and is surrounded by mountains, it is always covered with snow, it even could be snowy in summer so the weather is always very cold. And there is not very much to see in the daytime, but in the night, you could see the beautiful sunset glow and lot of stars in the sky. 


This is the scenery of Meeteetse(这是米蒂斯的景色)


The people here are very nice. But Its pretty hard for me to make friends with them at the first beginning due to three big reasons. Firstly, they were raised together so they are good friends of each other. And they were all not used to foreigners, I found we were not even interested in the same topics. Secondly, our living style are different, we Chinese spend much more study time than they do. Thirdly, the food customs is very different and they eat cheese and food made of flour almost every single meal.All these make my life pretty hard at the beginning, but as the time went by I slowly got used to their living style and could find topics to talk with my new classmates and made some friends.After that my life started be better and better. 



English and history were taught at the designated grade level, we could choose to resume other classes by ourselves, and people from different grades could all attend classes together. For example, except history and English , the every other classes I chose included people form 9th grade to 12th grade. This was very different from our school. I was supposed to join 11th grade, but due to my English abilities the school put me in 10th grade, which was pretty humanization. And I always got A in every single class, and I was always the top in my chemistry and math classes.



The people there don’t have a very high standard for their students except for agriculture because Wyoming is an agriculture state. English, history chemistry and math teaches almost the same kind of things as what is taught in Nanchang No.2 High School. In yearbook, our goal was to make an autograph album for the whole school in this whole year. And the agriculture class teaches students animals’ muscles and even shows the real animals or part of animals. Our agriculture teacher used to let us to touch the real horse heart and watched the real anatomy process of a dead pig. It was a little unusual. We would brought animals and raised animals, too. We even raised two little pigs in our classroom, they were really cute and they were always fighting to (or it might be more accurate to say they were playing with) each other.


Theses were the little pigs we raised(这是我们养的小猪)

This is me holding a new born lamb (这是我抱着一只新生羔羊)


We usually did the farming work in the weekend. My host family and my school always took me to farms.We rode horses, cut the wool, fed the chicken, chased the goose, pet the new born lamb and did all kinds of fun things in the farm. All those activities were not as easy as you saw in TVs. For example, riding horses needs all kinds of skills. If you squeeze the horse belly and tight the rein at the same time, if he horse would stop but if you kick its belly it would run faster. I never experience that because the horse its too tall and too old. Chasing goose also requires some people to stand in different positions to prevent the goose from running to the wrong direction, and the dogs help to chase them to the right direction, too. 



There were many activities in our school, almost everyday after school we had different activities. I joined the student council and the basketball team. In student council we always planed some interesting things. In the first month I went there, we had a homecoming week which we had all kinds of activities everyday after school. Like one day we had a campfire party during the night. In this campfire party, our whole community got together and we ate all kinds of barbecues like harm and pork. And in the backyard there was the campfire and we could all stand by the campfire and baked our marshmallows while we got warmer in such a cold day. On another day we had a dodgeball game which means we had to thew the ball at another team, at the same time to prevent the opponent from throwing the ball at us.There were balls lying all over the gym. In the last day of the week we had our homing coming meeting,in this meeting every officer in the student council and FFA (Future farmers of America) student officers, and we played games who are in different grades. At last, the Principle of our school announced the Homecoming Princess and Homecoming Prince from each grade of middle school that were selected by the whole school. I was not expecting this would had anything to do with me initially, so when the principle was going to announced the Homecoming Princess of our grade, I was eating a lollipop and looking around, wondering which lucky girl could be, but then I heard the principle called: Molly Li!(which is my English name). I didnt realize what happened and I even sat there for a moment, and then I felt extremely flattered and my classmates all cheered for me. I received a crown and a banner for this honor and we had make up games which princes put make up on princess faces.

我们学校活动很多,几乎每天放学后都有。我加入了学生会和篮球队。在学生会,我们总是计划一些非常有趣的事情。有一天晚上,我们举行了一个篝火派对,我们整个社区都聚在一起,吃了各种各样的烧烤,比如火腿和猪肉。后院里有篝火,我们都可以站在篝火旁边烤棉花糖,同时驱寒取暖。还有一天,我们玩躲避球游戏,这意味着我们必须在向对方扔球的同时防止对手把球扔到我们身上,很多球同时在体育馆里乱飞。在在那一周的最后一天,我们举行了回家会议。会上,每个学生委员会的“官员”和FFA(美国农民的未来)的学生“官员”都被介绍了,我们不同年级玩不同的游戏。最后,校长宣布了从全校选出的各年级的公主和王子。我一开始没想到这件事和我有任何关系,所以当校长要宣布我们年级的公主时,我还在吃棒棒糖并四处张望,猜是哪一个幸运儿,但后来我听到校长叫道:“Molly Li。ㄒ簿褪俏业挠⑽拿”。我都不知道发生了什么,我甚至坐在那里呆了一会儿,之后我感到受宠若惊,我的同学们都为我欢呼,我得到了这一荣誉的皇冠和横幅,我们还举行了了王子们在公主脸上化妆的游戏。

This is the picture of our campfire (这是我们篝火晚会的照片)

This is a picture after I won the homecoming princess(这是我得到了返校公主后拍的一张照片)


The student council also went on a trip to met with all the student councils in the state. We were there for two days and they separate us into different groups and made sure that none of the students from the same school would be in the same group. I made some new friends from other schools. A teacher taught us to start by saying hi, and smiled at the same time to others to make new friends and that actually works! I made some new friends from  other schools, they said they wanted to took me to other places but that never happened which it was a pity.


This is our student council trip and some students from other schools(这是一些其他学校的学生)


And for basketball team, I didn’t know how to play basketball at all at the beginning, and I was the only new person in the whole team while its more difficult to understand basketball terms in English for me. It was like everybody else knew what they were doing but I was just guessing what they were doing and spent about half of my time wandering around and thought about what I should do and what position I should be in.Whats more, they could all shoot the ball very easily, but I could not even let the ball touch the basket at the beginning. The coaches sometimes would be impatient at me and my teammates sometimes would be angry at me because if the coach divided us into two groups and did a competition then the group that I was in always lost and had to did the punishment. All those made my life pretty hard. But I didn’t give up. I went to every practice and went to every game from two nearby schools’ competition, to Northwest region competition, then to the state competition. And finally, thanks to the patience of my coaches and my teammates and my persistence, I got a chance to play in the game that was against Cody school and gave a shot in. That moment made my whole team really proud of and everybody cheered for me even the Cody school team. And I was, again, not even realizing what happened until everybody started to cheer. That was totally like a dream.


This was the moment that I was giving the shot (这是我投篮时的照片)

This is what happened after I made that shot (这是我投篮进了以后发生的)


I also joined a Northwest regional history competition that was held by the government. In this competition, I wrote an essay about Nicola Tesla by myself. When our whole school went to the competition place to join the interview, I was nervous. But when I entered the room, the interviewers were pretty delightful to meet me and they said that they thought my essay was pretty great except many grammar mistakes.They loved it very much.Thats pretty surprising. And then my essay won the first place in the individual group, this was even greater than what I thought. Because I never had hoped my essay could gain anything when I was writing it. If the spread of corona-virus19 didn’t interrupt, I would have a chance to participate in the state competition.


This is a diploma for my history project(这是我历史项目的奖状)


There ware some representatives of an International Children Theater from Montana coming to visit our school one day, this one in Montana was the headquarter of this theater. They traveled all over the America and selected people to their theater and they would play a formal play in their theater. There were four students in our school who were selected , and I was one of them. Again, due to the spread of corona--virus, this never happened.


This is a picture of my performance(这是一张我的表演的照片)


Almost right after this, we started to have classes online due to the spread  corona--virus, and that was pretty difficult because the internet was pretty bad and it was much difficult to focus online, I spent the quarantine life like this in America for about a month.



During my exchange term, there were many other pretty fun activities too. I think I am more confident and optimistic than before, and my English skills have improved, too. After 8 month in America, I had to went home because of the corona--virus, the Chinese government helped me to got to Nanjing and quarantine there for two weeks, the hotel we stayed in was pretty good and all the people there were trying as best as they can to keep us from getting the virus but live happily. I am very thankful for all of them-- Cetusa, the people in the hotel of Nanjing, my host family, my family, overseas Chinese leader Mrs.Marge Hall, Mrs.Zeng Jie, Mr.Xie Shungen ,Mr. Hao Jia , Director of International Department Nanchang No.2 High School Mrs. Zhu Xinyan, Mrs. Sun Yi from the Foreign Ministry, my teachers that helped my to write my recommendation letters,my teacher in charge of my class Mr.Xu Lublin. All of them made sure I had a such special opportunity in America and I could be happy and safe even I went to America by myself. Anyway, It was a really meaningful year for me in America.