Belinda Edmonds

Belinda has, over the past 25 years worked in almost all sectors of the African Textile and Apparel Industries. Born and raised on a cotton farm, she entered the textile manufacturing sector in 1988, working in spinning, weaving, knitting and dyeing/printing facilities before entering the apparel production sector in 1997. Since 2000, Belinda has used her experience to support and promote textile and apparel exports from Africa. She has worked extensively across Africa providing hands-on support assisting factories understand and achieve international service, compliance and quality standards.

Belinda was appointed to the Board of the African Cotton Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF) in 2012 and as Executive Director in April 2015. ACTIF is a regional trade body formed in June 2005 by the cotton, textile and apparel sectors from across sub-Saharan Africa to create a unified and recognized voice in both regional and global trade affairs. ACTIF’s mandate is to represent the disparate needs of the cotton, textile and apparel sectors in cohesive and consensus driven positions at regional and international fora, to develop and deliver services that enhance competitiveness,facilitate trade and encourage investment.

Passionate about Africa, Belinda believes that promoting and assisting trade is a critical tool to uplift and protect its people, cultures and its environment.