Mike Fralix

Dr. Mike Fralix has worked in a variety of capacities at [TC]² and has provided guidance to hundreds of companies.  With 39 years of experience in manufacturing, research and development, and operations and corporate management, he leads [TC]²’s initiatives to develop next-generation supply chain technologies, and work with companies to implement currently available technologies and business processes.

In addition to overseeing [TC]²’s strategic direction, Dr. Fralix speaks globally on a variety of topics and helps deliver programs and services to the fashion industry.  These topics include 3D product development, sizing for fit, virtual dressing, online shopping, additive manufacturing, re-shoring, lean systems, sustainable technologies, and the digital supply chain.

He holds BS degrees in Applied Mathematics and Philosophy from North Carolina State University, an MBA from Duke University and a Ph.D. in Technology Management from N.C. State University.  In 2009 he was appointed an Adjunct Associate Professor at N.C. State University and was named Distinguished Alumnus of the Year in 2013.

Dr. Fralix is also active in several industry organizations.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of: AAFA-American Apparel & Footwear Assoc., AFMA-American Fiber Manufacturers Assoc., SPESA-Sewn Products Equipment and Suppliers of the Americas, IAF-International Apparel Federation, CCAA-Caribbean-Central American Action, AAFA Education Foundation, YMA-Fashion Scholarship Fund, and the Georgia Soft Goods Education Foundation.  And, he was recognized at the OIA (Outdoor Industry Association) Thought Leader’s Dinner in January 2013.

Dr. Fralix’s key believes that tomorrow’s industry leaders are going to thrive through the use of digital technologies and processes that are integrated across continents. From product development to delivery and logistics, these companies will implement systems that: enable the shortest cycle time from concept to market, provide the most rapid and efficient response to consumer demand, and offer the best value for the investment.