Simon Fernandes

Alvanon, Regional Director; UK, Southern Europe, South Asia

Simon Fernandes joined Alvanon in 2007 as Regional Director to head Alvanon’s business development activities in the UK, Southern Europe, South Asia and more recently the Middle East and South Africa.

Alvanon is the retail, apparel and fashion industry’s leading consulting firm advising retailers and brands on product development, sizing and fit strategies. Helping them execute those strategies in their supply chains and communicating them to their customers.

Simon started his career in Italy in 1989; designing and producing fabrics for a textile mills converter, supplying most of the mid to high-end Italian clothing brands before moving into garment production. After 10 years in Italy, Simon returned to the UK and started his own consulting business; working for companies both on and offshore; dealing in textiles, garment production right through to managing design services bureaus before joining Alvanon.

During his near 10 years at Alvanon, Simon has worked and continues to work with clients across his regions including such high profile names as M&S, Benetton, LC Waikiki and Woolworths (ZA) to name a few. In his role Simon helps them identify the challenges they face with their strategic growth plans and day-to-day business operations. He identifies and advises them on the most relevant Alvanon apparel consulting solutions and tools that would support their growth objectives.