Subir Mukherjee

Subir is Business Head Denim for Bhaskar Industries, a 40 million meter composite fashion Denim mill.

A Chartered and Cost accountant by profession, a trained mountaineer, Subir has more than twenty five years rich experience in sales and marketing, finance, business analytics, audit, project management, logistics management accounting and audit.

Before taking up the current assignment, Subir was working with Arvind for twenty years. His last assignment was as Head of global sales and marketing for Denim business.  Prior to getting into marketing, he handled varied responsibilities in business analytics, logistics management and finance.

Subir started his carrier as an internal auditor with GEC India (Indian subsidiary of GEC Plc.)  and moved on to take up different fields in accounting, finance and project management.  Upon merger of General Electric Co with Alcatel Alsthom of France, took up responsibilities as Regional Accountant and then Divisional Accountant with the new entity, GEC Alsthom.